Privacy Policy

CFar Medicals is committed to protect the privacy of visitors to this site.

General Principles

CFar Medicals gathers specific personal information that you supply voluntarily, such as information you supply by e-mail or when registering in a portion of this site. Any personal information created, held or collected by CFar Medicals is protected under the  Privacy Act. This means that at any point of collection, CFar Medicals will require your consent to collect your personal information, and will inform you of the purpose for which it is being collected and of your right to access such information.

Your information will only be viewed by those persons at CFar Medicals who need that information for the purpose for which it was given. CFar Medicals will not disclose your information to anyone outside CFar Medicals without your consent or unless required by law.

Electronic Mail

When you correspond with CFar Medicals using e-mail, CFar Medicals will use your e-mail address to respond to comments or questions. The information you provide by e-mail including your e-mail address and our response to your e-mail will be kept as long as CFar Medicals determines that it is necessary for its business purposes.

To help protect our customers, CFar Medicals personnel have been instructed to only use official CFar Medicals domain e-mail ( to communicate for business purposes. Email not originating from the “” domain could be fraudulent and should therefore be treated with suspicion.  Do not respond to e-mails, open attachments, or click on suspicious links originating from other sources (examples: Hotmail, Gmail, Yahoo).

CFar Medicals Opt-in Mailing List

CFar Medicals retains this information for as long as you are a subscriber to the applicable mailing list. CFar Medicals will delete, except as otherwise indicated, the information after you are no longer a subscriber. At any time by return e-mail or regular mail, you may direct CFar Medicals to, and CFar Medicals will, remove your name from CFar Medicals’s mailing list.

Additional Information

For questions or comments regarding this policy or for additional information about the administration of the Privacy Act at CFar Medicals, contact us.