Working Abroad

Your expertise is a value without borders.

Working in the Middle East and in the Arabian Gulf could be the next important step ahead of you in your career.

Our services are designed to help you deal with this new experience with confidence. The staff at CFar Medicals will always be by your side to guarantee global and personalised assistance during all phases of development of your business.

Employment Contracts

The types of contracts we offer for our candidates are:

  • Part-time and full time,
  • Locum and Visiting doctor
  • Permanent or Temporary
  • Research and Training

The assignments vary according to the demands of individual medical and health facilities in the Middle East and Arabian Gulf.


CFar Medicals offers highly competitive salaries for their candidates. Salaries also vary depending on the health facility, the country of destination and the candidates’ professional qualifications and experience.

Benefits and Incentives

Our contracts are particularly attractive and include:

  • Lucrative Tax-Free Salaries
  • Return Flights at the beginning and end of the contract to the country of origin
  • Free Annual Return Flight to the country of origin,
  • Free Medical Health Care
  • Car, Telephone, Accommodation in the hospital or residential district
  • Paid Annual Leave
  • Allowance for your family and for the education of your children (if made available by the clinic and depending on the professional position of the candidate)

Dedicated Services for our Clients

Assistance in dealing with the legal and bureaucratic formalities for the:

  • Issuance of Work Visas
  • Individual and Family Residence Permits
  • Licenses
  • Opening Bank Accounts in countries of destination
  • Medical Health Coverage
  • Linguistic and interpretation advice for translation of CV’s, job interviews and contracts